A hybrid with an enlarged horn for detecting modern low-power radars, an enlarged GPS antenna for accurate geo-positioning, a display directed to the driver, a FULL HD recording resolution, with an expanded configuration and an excellent price-quality ratio.
It is used to eliminate false alarms, especially from sensors of dead zones of other cars. At the same time, unlike similar technologies from other manufacturers, there is no erroneous blocking of signals from real police radars. The company's own development
The hybrid writes in Full HD resolution with support for a bitrate of up to 20 mbit / s. In combination with the SONY matrix and a lens with multi-lens optics, high-level video quality is achieved in any lighting.
The viewing angle of 135 degrees allows you to cover up to 4 road lanes and the curb.
The design advantage of the NEOLINE X-COP 9100d is the driver-facing display. The angle of rotation of the display is optimal and improves the readability of the display even in sunny weather, and the frames around the display prevent glare.
Due to the widespread use of low-power police radars (Scat, Oskon, Cordon, etc.) on the territory of Russia and the CIS, a special enlarged horn is installed in the device to ensure confident reception of signals against "elusive" police radars.
The NEOLINE X-COP 9100d is equipped with a supercapacitor. Unlike a standard battery, the supercapacitor ensures stable operation of the device at low and high temperatures and has a long service life. Thanks to the supercapacitor, many typical problems have been solved: overheating, battery explosion, loss of" recent " files.
The user can independently set the functionality of this button: changing the brightness of the display, adding/removing a Dangerous Zone or a Zone of Silence, starting an emergency video recording.
The device is supplied with a special mount with active power (Neoline H91 3M Power) on 3M adhesive tape, which firmly fixes the hybrid on the windshield and allows you to turn the device 180 degrees for shooting in the car.
To connect such a mount, special contacts are provided in the device body, in the connector for mounting. The power cable is installed directly in the mount, there is no need to connect the cable to the device every time.
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NEOLINE is a well-known global brand of automotive electronics. The company produces video recorders, radar detectors, hybrids, smart mirrors, inverters and other gadgets for motorists.

Since 2020, NEOLINE has been developing and producing personal electric vehicles for the city. The company supplies the Russian market with innovative electric scooters of increased cross-country capability under its own brand.